History of Index Changes

The following is a list of historical changes to the SPADE Defense Index that has occurred during the rebalance periods.


Additions Subtractions Mergers / Other Changes
March 2020 Intelsat RTN, UTX merger to form RTX – 3 April 2020
December 2019 CAE, Iridium
September 2019
June 2019 Parsons, Jacobs Engineering L3, Harris merged to become L3 Harris (LHR), KEYW acquired
March 2019 Engility, Esterline, Sparton
December 2018 VSE Corporation Rockwell Collins
September 2018
June 2018 Perspecta, Intelsat Orbital ATK, CSRA
March 2018
December 2017 DigitalGlobe/MDA name changed to Maxar Technologies (MAXR)
Sept 2017 NCI, DigitalGlobe acquired/MDA Added
June 2017 NCI, VSE Corporation TASER changed name to AXON
Mar 2017 Ducommun, Elbit KeyW
Dec 2016
Sept 2016 KBR American Science & Engineering
June 2016
Mar  2016 Intelsat, Ducommon Precision Castparts
Dec  2015 BWX Technologies, CSRA Supercom CSC split into CSC and CSRA
Sept 2015
June 2015 LMI Aerospace Exelis, GenCorp renamed Aerojet Rocketdyne
Mar 2015 Supercom Orbital and AlliantTechsystems merged
Dec 2014 FireEye, Woodward, Curtiss Wright
Sept 2014 Vectrus URS
Jun 2014 Kaman
Mar 2014 Sparton Anaren
Dec 2013
Sept 2013 Intelsat, LMI Aerospace SAIC split Leidos & SAIC
Jun 2013
Mar 2013 GeoEye
Dec 2012 Ceradyne
Sept 2012 Engility LMI Aero Goodrich
June 2012 Anaren NCI Information
March 2012
Dec 2011 Hexcel Elbit Force Protection.
Sept 2011 Huntington Ingalls None L1 Identity, EMS Tech, Integral Systems, SRA Int’l
June 2011 Heico None Ladish
Mar 2011 CPI Intl
Applied Signal
Dec 2010 Booz Allen, KeyW VSE Corp Cogent, ICX Tech.
Sept 2010 Transdigm, LMI Aero, CPI Intl Dyncorp, Argon ST, Stanley
Jun  2010
Mar 2010 Kratos, ICX Technologies Herley
Dec 2009 Gencorp Garmin, Trimble
Sept 2009 AXSYS Tech.
June 2009 Digital Globe, EMS Tech, Comtech
Mar 2009 Force Protection, Herley, Integral Systems ICX Tech SI International
Dec 2008 VSE Corp, ICX Tech Gencorp DRS Tech
Sept 2008 NCI Tech, AXSYS Tech
June 2008 MTC Tech
Mar 2008 Force Protection, KVH Industries, Herley
Dec 2007 Textron, Elbit, AAR Corp, Triumph Group EDO
Sept 2007 Geoeye, Ducommon DirecTV, Echostar Armor Holdings
June 2007 Safenet
Mar 2007 Force Protection, Aerovironment. XM Satellite, Sirius Satellite
Dec 2006 SAIC, Stanley Andrew Integraph
Sept 2006 Dyncorp PanAmSat; Viisage became L1 Identity
June 2006 URS Anteon
Mar 2006 Ladish NCI
Dec 2005 NCI, American Science
Sept 2005 DHB Industries Titan
Jun  2005 PanAmSat, Mercury Computer, Integraph, Safenet Magal
Mar 2005 Essex, Applied Signal Tech, Cogent
Dec 2004 Sirius Satellite, Taser, MTC Tech, Viisage Invision, SM&A
Sept 2004 SRA Intl, Magal PanAmSat
Jun 2004 CACI

As there will be four of these rows every year since 1997, I imagine it makes sense to have this as a box that can scroll

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