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Launched in 2004, SPADE Indexes LLC is a private organization independent of Wall Street and the broker/dealer community that designs, develops, and maintains equity indexes. The New York Stock Exchange/ICE Data Services currently serves as the calculation and data distribution agent for the SPADE Defense Index.


  • Sector Indexes
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Index Benchmarks for Equity Investment Products


  • A license is required for institutions that offer index-linked financial product(s).
  • Licenses are also required by organizations selling commercial products tracking or based upon this Index.
  • Parties interested in licensing an existing index or have a new, custom index created should contact Scott Sacknoff at Tel: 202-596-1812 or via email at: info@spadeindex.com
  • A license is not required for media use in articles or by companies seeking a benchmark to compare their performance with that of the index in press releases, annual reports, or in other regulatory documents.

Our Indexes

Equity Indexes

Index Name Index Ticker ETF Licensor ETF Ticker
SPADE Defense Index DXS Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF PPA

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